1. What are the rental fees for your inflatables?

2. How far do you deliver?

3. How much time in advance do I need to reserve the inflatable unit?

4. How can I reserve an inflatable unit?

5. Do you require a deposit?

6. How long can I keep the inflatable unit?

7. What’s you policy if weather doesn’t permit the event?

8. Where can the inflatable unit be set up?

9. How much space is required to have an inflatable unit?

10. Are your inflatable units safe?

11. What are your hours of operations?

12. How long does it take to set up?

1. All of our castles are listed with pricing on this site! We do offer multiple piece and other discounts so feel free to call for a custom quote. Call Marty at 843-991-1497

2. We deliver free of charge to most customers with delivery addresses located in Charleston, Dorchester & Berkeley counties.

3. The earlier you reserve the unit, the most likely you will get the unit you wish to have for your event.

4. Please fill out the request form located on this website and you will be contacted within a few hours.

5. A $50 deposit is required, which counts towards your total balance. We accept cash, checks, American Express, Mastercard and Visa.

6. If your wish to rent it for a longer of period than our general standard length, we’ll be happy to accommodate your needs on a prorated fee basis provided there is no overlapping reservation.

7. In the case of bad weather we will contact you the morning of your event to discuss a re-scheduling date. If they are forcasting rain and we unload the inflatable, the full amount is due, even if it rains.

8. Inflatable units generally can be set up in many types of surfaces such as grass, concrete, asphalt, etc. Please let us know of the surface condition ahead of time so we can bring the appropriate pads and sandbags.

9. For the standard jumping units a 18’ X 18’ area is generally enough space, and for the slides, a 35′ X 16’ space is required. Don’t forget your vertical clearance, you’ll need an area free of trees, low wires, etc.

10. All of our moonwalks and other inflatable units are of the highest quality, but require the supervision of an adult at all times to ensure the safety of the children.

11. Our delivery times are generally between 8:00AM and 8:00PM, with the average dry jump castle rental being between 4-5 hours… and waterslides 6-8 hours. Arrangements outside that time frame are possible if you need the jumpers past our pick-up time.

12. Set up generally takes from 15 to 30 minutes to set up depending on the size of the moonwalk/inflatable.